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Skipping Breakfast Can Lead To Gallstones Formation

Posted By: Staff

Skipping breakfast can lead to a number of health issues with the major one being lack of energy. However, a shocking case was revealed recently where a woman from China who skipped breakfast for 8 years had developed 200 gallstones.

The woman who has been identified as 45 year old Ms Chen had gone to Guangji Hospital, Hezhou in China, with a history of stomach pain for about 10 long years. She did not go for medical examination as she feared of any kind of surgery.

causes of gallstone

However, when the pain worsened she came to the hospital. Following the tests she was found to have innumerable gall stones.

According to the doctors some of the stones were as large as eggs. She had to undergo six and a half hours of surgery, for the removal of stones from the gallbladder and bile ducts.

Dr Quanwei Wei, one of the surgeons who performed the operation said, the stones could have resulted from her habit of skipping breakfast.

He further stated that if someone misses breakfast it stops their gallbladder from shrinking or expanding, leading to a build-up of bile.

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