Research Finds 'Vaping' During Pregnancy Increases Asthma Risk In Child; Pregnancy Dos & Don'ts

Vaping is usually seen as a safer alternative to cigarette smoking during pregnancy. But vaping in pregnancy can increase the child's risk of asthma.

E-cigarettes are known to cause life-threatening lung conditions, even if they do not contain nicotine.

It is usually considered that vaping is a better alternative to cigarette smoking and this is seen as a tool that helps quit smoking during pregnancy.

can you vape during pregnancy

Researchers from the University Of Technology Sydney demonstrated that maternal vaping is associated with impaired lung function and an increased risk of asthma in the offspring.

Hence, the use of e-cigarettes during pregnancy should not be considered safe. This is applicable even if the e-cigar vapour is free of nicotine.

E-cigarette vaping is comparatively a new trend, but research suggests that it is growing popularly worldwide.

So, if you have been wondering 'can you vape during pregnancy', the answer is a big NO! Continue reading to know about the other dos and don'ts to follow during pregnancy.



1. Take a Multivitamin:

A healthy diet alone may not be enough for pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins contain higher levels of certain nutrients that expectant mothers require at higher levels like folic acid, calcium and iron. These vitamins assist with proper development of the foetus and helps prevent birth defects.


2. Get Lots Of Sleep:

Changing hormone levels, anticipation and anxiety can make it difficult for you to get some sleep. But, it is important that you get enough sleep. Set time schedules and set time naps to take care of your sleep needs.


3. Workout – A Must:

Exercising is good for both the mother and child. Regular exercise can also help you combat issues during pregnancy like insomnia, muscle pain, excessive weight gain and mood problems.


4. Eat Seafood:

Seafood is loaded with vitamins and minerals like heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and iron that are important for both the mother and baby. But you must ensure that it is thoroughly cooked, as they may contain harmful bacteria and viruses.


5. Have Sex:

Sex during pregnancy is actually fine, unless you don't have any condition like placenta previa or any other high risk during pregnancy. You can consult your doctor in case of doubts.



a. Don't Smoke:

Babies born to women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have a lower birth weight and are at a greater risk of learning disabilities.


b. Don't Drink Alcohol:

Alcohol can greatly impact the body's development. Women who drink alcohol while pregnant could deliver a baby with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).


c. Don't Eat Raw Meat:

Raw and undercooked meat and egg can contain the risk of food-borne illnesses that can increase the risk of food poisoning.


d. Don't Eat Deli Meat:

Deli meats include hot dogs, sausages, smoked salmon and other cured meats that can also lead to food poisoning. It is also important to include pasteurized milk and cheese.


e. Don't Sit In A Hot Tub Or Sauna:

The high heat environment of hot tubs or saunas can be too dangerous for expecting mothers. Research also suggests that using these during the first trimester can double the risk of a miscarriage.

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