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Here Is A New Treatment That Helps Prevent The Spread Of Skin Cancer; Causes Of Skin Cancer

There is good news in the field of skin cancer! A team of Australian researchers have successfully tried a set of treatments to stop melanoma from spreading.

The research was successful enough in preventing this condition from metastasizing to other organs in the body.

This study was conducted by researchers at the Melanoma Institute, Australia.

The two trials that go by the name, COMBI-AD and CheckMate 238 have been successful in preventing the spread of the disease in Stage 3 melanoma patients, whose tumours were surgically removed.

Until then, these patients were at a high risk of their disease progressing to advanced and fatal melanoma.

These results are known to be a harbinger of change to the lives of melanoma patients. Until then, these patients had to live with the fear if their melanoma would metastasize or spread after surgery.

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These results suggest that we can stop melanoma in its tracks.

In this article, we have also listed some of the main causes of skin cancer. So, read further to know more about the causes of skin cancer .


1. Sunburn:

Sunburn has been associated with melanoma, which is the most deadly form of skin cancer. Prolonged sun exposure can cause damage to the skin cells and also increase the risk of developing skin cancer. Evidence suggests that regular exposure to the UV radiation can lead to skin cancer.


2. Tanning:

Tanning is not a good sign of well-being. Tanning is a sign that you have been exposed to enough UV radiation to damage your skin. This will cause loss of elasticity (wrinkles), sagging, yellowish discolouration and even brown patches to appear on the skin. All these can increase your risk of skin cancer.


3. Solarium:

Solarium emits UVA and UVB radiation that are both leading causes of skin cancer. Health experts do not recommend solarium use for cosmetic tanning under any circumstance. This is one of the main causes of skin cancer.


4. Moles:

People who have many moles or abnormal moles called dysoplastic nevi are at an increased risk of skin cancer. These abnormal moles, which are larger, are more likely than other moles to become cancerous.


5. A Family History Of Skin Cancer:

If one of your parents or siblings has had skin cancer, then you're more likely at risk of getting skin cancer. This is one of the common causes of skin cancer.


6. Exposure To Radiation:

People who have received radiation treatment for skin conditions like eczema and acne may have an increased risk of skin cancer.

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