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What Your Job Does To Your Heart; Habits That Can Save Your Heart

Our life is mostly a race against time. The endless demands, constant deadlines and the ticking clock can take a toll on our health.

This increasingly fast-paced lifestyle is only increasing the risk of heart diseases in almost all of us.

It is a well-known fact that stress experienced by an individual in his/her workplace can lead to heart diseases.

The impact of our occupation on cardiovascular health is largely dependant on the job in question.

healthy habits for the heart

Researchers found that those involved in wholesale trade, public administration, waste management, transportation and warehousing are more vulnerable to heart diseases.

The period of time also has an effect on this. A large section of the people who belong to the age group of 20-30 years are engaged in outsourcing-related jobs.

This involves working in shifts, irregular schedules and erratic eating habits. Research has established a connection between working in shifts and heart ailments.

The relation between sedentary occupations and heart diseases cannot be written of as well.

Sedentary jobs can lead to many conditions like diabetes, thrombosis, high blood pressure as well as coronary heart diseases.

Here, we have also listed some of the healthy habits for the heart that you can follow. This will ensure the betterment of heart health.

Read further to know about the habits to prevent heart diseases.


1. Avoid Tobacco:

Smoke from cigarettes, cigars and pipes are known to be bad for the heart and arteries as it is harmful for the lungs. Second-hand smoking is also toxic and try maximum to avoid this as well.


2. Be Active:

Exercise and physical activity are the next best things that you can do for your heart. Any amount of physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day helps protect against heart diseases and other chronic conditions. This is one of the best healthy habits for the heart.


3. Aim For A Healthy Heart:

Carrying extra pounds, especially around the midsection, can strain the heart and push you towards diabetes. If you're overweight, then losing just 5% to 10% of your weight, can make a huge difference in your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This is one of the top habits to prevent heart disease.


4. Refresh Your Diet:

You need to add more of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, unsaturated fats, good protein, herbs and spices. You also need to remove processed foods, salt, red meat, soda and sweetened beverages from your diet.


5. Avoid Alcohol Or Drink It Occasionally:

If you drink alcohol, then you must limit your intake. It has to be 1-2 drinks a day for men and not more than one a day for women. This is one of the top heart-healthy habits.

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