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Ayurveda Says, You Should Avoid These Eating Habits

By Lekhaka

Ayurveda has been in practice for long not just in India but across the world. A traditional medicinal practice ayurveda holds significance till today. Also, the amazing fact is that more and more people are getting inclined towards ayurveda.

It is a well known fact that, your health depends a lot on what you eat. Hence, it is important to note that eating healthy as per your body type or what is known as prakriti according to ayurveda is very important.

Here are few of the bad eating habits that one should avoid according to ayurveda:

ayurveda eating rules

1. Avoid Using Honey For Cooking:
Honey has plenty of health benefits when consumed in raw form. But as per ayurveda when you heat honey it produces toxins called Ama (undigested food), that affects your digestive system.

2. Avoid Eating Watermelon After Dinner:
Watermelons consists of natural sugar and are acidic. So when you eat watermelon right after your dinner then it causes stomach upset, digestion problem and irritable bowel syndrome.

3. Avoid Drinking Cold Water With Meals:
Drinking water early in the morning is very good for your health. But according to ayurveda, drinking cold water in between your meals and right after your meal should be avoided as this affects your digestive system. However, a bit of warm water on the other hand would helps better digestion.

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