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International Men’s Day 2022: History, Theme And Significance Of This Day

International Men's Day is an annual observance celebrated on 19 November every year. The day is observed to highlight the health and other issues related to men. The day also focuses on promoting positive masculinity.

The day also celebrates the achievements and contributions of men in our society. When we talk of the contributions of men, we mean to highlight the role played by men in bringing positive changes to the nation, one's family, marriage and community.

Today we are here to tell you more about this day. Scroll down the article to read more about this day in detail.


The first International Men's Day was observed on 7 February 1992 by Thomas Oaster. However, the idea of celebrating this Day came into existence a year before.

But it was during the 1960s when several men agitated for observing 23rd February as the International Men's Day. One of the reasons for this agitation was the need of the day equivalent to 8th March which is also known as International Women's Day.

Since 23rd February had limited historic significance, therefore, International Men's Day wasn't observed on that day. Later it was decided that the event will be observed on 19 November every year.

In India, the first celebration of this day took place on 19 November 2007. Since then, the day is observed every year throughout the country.

Theme Of International Men's Day 2022

Every year a theme is decided for observing this day in a better way. The theme helps in celebrating the day while focusing on a specific issue. The theme for the International Men's Day 2022 is 'Helping Men and Boys'.


  • International Men's Day highlights the role played by men in the society.
  • The day is solely dedicated to all the men across the world.
  • Several programmes and functions are organised to observe this day.
  • The day is also intended for improving gender relations and highlighting gender equality.
  • It is also observed to bridge the gender gap across the world.
  • Several NGOs and private organisations urge the people to raise their voices to fight against the gender discrimination.
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