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International Asexuality Day 2021: Know The Significance Of This Day

International Asexuality Day is an observance that falls every year on 6 April. The day highlights the sexual spectrum of asexual, demisexual and grey sexual people. It was on 31 January 2021, when the decision to observe International Asexuality Day came into existence. Today we are here to tell you more about this day.

Who Are Asexuals

Asexuals are people who feel little to no sexual attraction. These people may not be involved in sexual activities. They may have little sexual interest in their emotional partner. At times people confuse it with lack of sexual desire. However, it is more about sexual orientation.

Who Are Demisexuals

Demisexuals are people who feel sexual attraction for people they are emotionally attached to. Unless they aren't emotionally attached and develop romantic feelings for a person, they may not develop a sexual attraction or interest. These people could be gay, bisexual, pansexual, etc.

Who Are Grey Sexuals

Grey Sexuals are people who are somewhere between asexual and sexual. These people could have a sexual interest but not for a long time. They may develop sexual interest once in a while but not usually. These people may or not have a sexual history related to their current sexual orientation.


  • Four themes have been decided for celebrating International Asexuality Day.
  • The four themes are- Advocacy, Celebration, Education and Solidarity.
  • These themes have been chosen to acknowledge the goal of celebrating the day.
  • The day also highlights the courage of coming forward and accepting one's sexual identity and orientation.
  • The day celebrates the spirit of those who consider themselves under the umbrella of International Asexuality Day.