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Comedian Abish Mathew Posts 'Out Of Syllabus' Song And It's All About Gender Identity And Dysphoria

We live in a country where teaching LGBTQ rights in classrooms is under debate and we still wonder whether this generation of schoolchildren will become LGBTQ tolerant or not.

Fret not, at least this comedian is ensuring that we all see the real picture of our society. Titled "Out Of Syllabus: The Gender Identity Song" was released on the Youtube show Son Of Abish, which is hosted by comedian Abish Mathew himself and yes it is making headlines for all the right reasons.

Originally shared by Abish on Facebook, the song appeared on episode 8 of the season 6 of the series and teaches a lot about gender identity, gender dysphoria and the also shows the way how society stigmatises a particular section of society.

The viral video was created to raise awareness about LGBTQ rights and concerns over the newly passed Trans Bill 2019, which fueled pan India protests.

The 4 min 40-second video starts with the still of classroom board with "Out Of Syllabus Gender Identity" written on it stressing on the fact that how even today schools are sceptical about implementing LGBTQ lessons in classrooms.

The video features a gender-fluid character called Angel as a teacher who teaches a girl and boy about gender identity. "Gender identity can be different from gender expression and my biological sex," says the informative song and that gender is not binary even if the society thinks so and that is important to respect everyone and no one should be misgendered. It also talks about people who do not conform to cisgender narratives and asks them that it is best to give them space to who they want to be.

The video got more than 1 lakh views and Abish posted it with the caption "Gender Identity is the personal sense of one's own gender, which isn't as binary as the world has led us to believe..."

Further, he wrote, "This is a good time to talk about this, as India just passed a draconian Trans Bill 2019 which is being vilified by everyone in the community for having problematic clauses - it robs the trans community of dignity and self-determination, gives a max sentence of two years to people who commit sexual violence against them (cis women get seven) and it doesn't allow for reservations in education, healthcare, employment, sectors where they've faced historic discrimination. This is NOT okay."

Netizens praised him and one of the Facebook users also asked him to make this in regional languages.

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