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Your Favourite Day Of The Week Decides Your Personality Characteristics

Each day has its own energy and characteristic. Our choice of our favourite day of the week strongly influences the way we think and feel. Sometimes, some days feel better than others. But usually Sundays and Saturdays are rated to be the best days by most of us. Mondays are often depressing while Fridays are sheer joy. Your choices determine your personality type.

Monday Personalities

If you have a soft corner for busy Mondays that follow the leisurely relaxed Sundays, you are very much a thoroughbred swashbuckling, warrior, courageous, high spirited and ambitious. Monday or Sunday does ot make any difference to you as long as you have work on your hands. Optimistic and energetic, you have a fresh perspective to everything. Whatever plans you make, you stick to them come what may. You may be called a weirdo by some people.

Tuesday Personalities

If you are a Tuesday person, you are optimistic, open minded and a rare gem. You always look for a golden pot at the end of the rainbow. Even the darkest moments bring out the best in you. You are a sharp wit and known to have a good balance in work and life. You need some time to recharge to gear up for challenges ahead. You enjoy your private time and the heavy weekday schedule with same enthusiasm

Wednesday Personalities

If Wednesday is your favourite day you prefer to have a good work life balance. You complete the office work before hand to provide enough time for your leisure activities. Essentially an achiever, you are practical and efficient. You are a responsible worker who does not like madly rushing through life. You analyse a lot, and reach conclusions. Your aim is to work smart.

Thursday Personalities

You are proud of your achievements and love to celebrate your successes. Equipped with a problem-solving attitude, you forge ahead in life enthused by your past victories. You are a risk taker and love the thrill of the unexpected. You love to anticipate for what comes next in your life

Friday Personalities

If the thought of Friday motivates you, you are a easy going and relaxed person. You wait for every Friday so that you can relax during the week ends. You either enjoy parties or love to read books at home in a leisurely fashion depending up on your level of extraversion. You are too casual and hate the Mondays. You love finer things and day dream during free time. Your decisions are whimsical in nature.

Saturday Personalities

If you find Saturday a welcome day of the week, you do things at the right time and place. You are a hardworker who works throughout the week to enjoy your weekend finally. You have your foot firmly planted on the ground and never spend time wishing for things, if you set goals, you achieve them Smart and focussed, you take longer than the rest to recharge your energies. You are an absolutely normal human who uses his Saturday to relax, to spend time on hobbies and go out with family..

Sunday Personalities

If you are a Sunday girl, you love to live in the current and not ruminate in the past. You are carefree and optimistic. You are one of those who say past is past and don't worry about future. You are not particularly bothered about the irritating Mondays. You are equanimous, have a smile glued to your face always, do not sulk about anything, and even if a problem confronts you, you may just casually take it and come up effortlessly with a good solution to it.

Story first published: Thursday, January 12, 2023, 19:35 [IST]
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