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6 Worst Celeb Tattoos!

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Getting a tattoo is a big deal as the pain is unbearable and moreover, the tattoo is permanent. Removing a tattoo requires lots of effort and money. But when you are carried away by something you like, you get it inked on your skin. There are many celebs who have got their skin tattooed but they don't look stylish with it. Here are the worst celeb tattoos.

6 worst celeb tattoos:

Brat Pitt: The cracked lines on his waist looks like he has a got hurt. This is one of the worst celebrities tattoos with no meaning.

Cher: The wings on Cher's buttocks is not at all cool! Firstly the place is odd and secondly, the wings don't suit the round buttocks.

Jamie Foxx: The tribal tattoo on his upper body covering from shoulders till chest looks like he has been wrapped up by tree branches.

Reggie Miller: The sun rays on belly-button looks feminine. Even Sisqo has got the same tattoo on his belly-button. It looks odd and worst celeb tattoo.

Lil Wayne: The teardrops tattoo is not the only worst tattoo but makes him look more unclean. His neck is filled with light tattoo and his upper eyelids too have a text, “fear God"

Lindsay Lohan: The “la bella vita" tattoo on her lower back is a spelling mistake! La bella vita means life is beautiful but the actual spelling is la vita è bella, an Italian phrase.

These are few worst celeb tattoos which looks ugly. You are getting a tattoo on your bare skin so think twice before getting inked!

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Story first published: Thursday, February 16, 2012, 16:57 [IST]
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