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Fallout New Vegas – The New Game

By Denise Baptiste
Fallout New Vegas, is a video game, which is at present the favourite in the video game world. This video game is the creation of developer Obsidian and publisher Bethesda. In Fallout New Vegas, the player is transported to the area where fight is on for power between Caesar Legion, new California Republic and Brotherhood of Steel.

Fallout New Vegas unlike other video games is equipped with excellent technology and transports the player to the battle field equipped with all the ammunitions, like weapons, food and water. One can witness real life battle field situations, which gets the player thinking and glued to the screen. The picture and sound quality is unmatched.

In the game of Fallout New Vegas, a town is shown which though seems to be like any other township, is infested with radioactive explosives devices. This device is bursted killing the entier polulation of the town. In such a case what do you do or should do? This is for you to find out while playing Fallout Las Vegas.

Unlike other video games, Fallout New Vegas, gives the player a lot of freedom on how to tackel the fight between the groups and to decide on the role which he wants to play. One is also free to use his critical ideas to winning the battle.

The toughest level of the game are 10 and 12 but the player can leave the game any time he wants and get back to it later with new ideas.

Fallout Video game, is thus, one of the trickiest video games, which will get the player thinking and is well equipped to keep the player glued to the screen till he has seen the end of it

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 10:55 [IST]
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