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10 Eco-Friendly Ways That You Can Implement In Your College Life

With posters, placards and hoarding showing us eco-friendly ways to live our lives, we need to understand why it is so important. Simply, living is not enough, living with intent is necessary and most importantly, living a sustainable life and not harming the environment.

Well, college life is full of enjoyment and as a college student, you are expected to give attention to studies, friendship, projects and exploring areas related to your field, but there is one thing that is above all, i.e, how we protect our environment.


It can't be denied that the world is facing issues like water and air pollution, wildfires, global warming and much more. You might be thinking about what you can do at such a young age? But there are so many things to make your college-life eco-friendlier.

The below points will help you to know about it. Read on:


1. Turn Off Lights After The Class Gets Over

While you are in the classroom, it is obvious that you will be needing an adequate amount of light and air to study. But, when you leave the classroom or when the class gets over, turn off lights and fans.

Having electricity is itself a luxury when some of us are living in the dark and therefore, saving it is always a good step towards saving resources.


2. Quit Using Plastic

If you are considering single-use plastic boxes, bottles and plates for your daily use, you need to understand that it will only increase plastic pollution.. If you really want to opt for eco-friendly living, you must stop using single-use plastics or disposables. It is better to use re-usable bottles and plates. This way you will be saving a good amount of money as well.


3. Say Yes To Public Transport

The world is already dealing with air pollution. Using private vehicles for going to college can lead to increased air pollution. How? Instead of using your own bike or car, why not opt for public transport and ensure there is less traffic on the road? Public transport are cheaper when compared to other means of transportation. This means it is budget-friendly for commuters as well.


4. Look For Eco-friendly Paper

Use of paper is inevitable when you are a college student. Wasting paper and thinking that the paper will be recycled anyhow, is not a very wise thing to do.

Why not opt for an eco-friendly paper instead, which is not made by cutting trees but from animal excreta or recycling waste materials? In case you don't believe us, please google to check for the infinite options and no, you won't be disappointed.

Also, you must understand that recycling also requires the use of resources, time and money. Therefore, it might not be that helpful at times. Wasting paper will contribute to some or the other kind of pollution. Therefore, it is better to stop wasting paper.

Avoid scribbling on the paper when there is no need. You can also reuse old books. Old books cost less when compared to new books. Also, this won't lead to the cutting of trees.


5. Opt For A Walk Or Ride A Bicycle

Walking or riding a bicycle is not only helpful in reducing pollution, but it is also beneficial for your health. You will be making yourself fit and healthy with this. Also, it will save your money. Pretending to be cool by riding a bike and contributing to air pollution, won't make you smarter and healthier.


6. Consider Wasting Water A Sin

A lot of water is used in doing daily activities such as brushing, bathing, washing, etc. This part of using water for basic needs is understood, but leaving the tap open while washing clothes or utensils, or standing under the shower for an hour is a foolish thing to do when the world is running out of the water and this planet is heading towards the water crisis. WeMake sure to turn off the tap and save water after you have taken a bath, washed hands or clothes. You might not be able to control the flow of water when you turn on the shower, therefore, make sure to use buckets instead of shower.

This will save considerable amount of water. Also, try to fill your bottles as per your requirement and don't waste drinking water by simply throwing it away. Children in some areas have to skip their school, walk more than five kilometres simply to fetch drinking water.


7. Read “Use Me” On The Dustbins

Who doesn't like to breathe fresh air and see a clean surrounding? Throwing wastes here and there will make your surroundings dirty. Keeping the environment clean and green will fill you with positive energy and make you feel fresh throughout the day. You can always throw the waste products in the dustbins and read the "use me" sign on them. Please use them, literally!


8. Carry Your Own Cloth Bags For Shopping

Plastic bags are no doubt easily available and cheaper than paper bags, but do you know cloth and jute bags are eco-friendly. Unlike plastic bags, these can be recycled easily and can be decomposed. As plastics will remain the same even after being burried for years. Therefore, you can stop using plastic bags while shopping. It is better to carry your own shopping bag made up of cloths or jute. These are not at all harmful and are easy to reuse again and again.


9. Plant Trees And Grow With Them

Trees are the only reason we are breathing. They balance the the oxygen level and take care of carbon dioxide present in the air and other harmful gases.

They ensure, earth gets adequate rain and the temperature is balanced. You certainly have heard about the recent Amazon forest fire. Increased deforestation and wildfires have led to global warming and an imbalance in the atmosphere. Planting trees is the only way through which you can stop these problems.

You can sow a seed every month or plant a sapling in the beginning as per your new session. Take care of them while you grow with them. This will also remind you of your improvements and will also make your college life eco-friendly.


10. Avoid Wasting Food

Wasting food in a time when many have to go to bed empty stomach is inhuman. We shamelessly waste the thing which is responsible for satisfying our appetite. Saving food from getting wasted is another way of making your college life eco-friendlier. Take small portions of food on your plate, you can always have more, if you want to. So, why waste it? If you have excess food, give it to needy people. If you don't have someone needy or a hungry soul around you, store that remaining food and use it later.

The above steps are simple to implement. Doing your bit will take you a step closer to a greener world. You can also ask your friends and family members to do so the same. Even a small effort counts.

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