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This Viral Video Shows A Cool Technique To Perfectly Peel Hard-Boiled Egg

We all can agree on one thing that peeling hard-boiled eggs can be a nightmare! It seems like removing eggshells is not that easy and it does require skills and finesse to peel a boiled egg perfectly.

Recently a video of a person showing how to peel egg went viral and this is making netizens crazy. In the 9-second video clip, you can see a person holding a hard-boiled egg in one hand and glass in the other hand. The person then puts the egg in the glass and fills it with some water in it. After that, the person holds the glass with the palm covering the mouth opening of the glass.

The video was posted on Twitter with a caption, "Apparently I've been cracking open hard-boiled eggs wrong all this time... who knew?"

The person then shakes the glass having boiled egg and water in it. That's it! The shell perfectly comes out.

After watching the video, one user asked if it was a kind of sorcery, while another user mentioned that this trick didn't work. Check out the Twitter reactions:

Also, some of the users weren't happy at the scene of the person not turning off the water tap. They seemed to be unhappy by this egg peeling trick in which the person is wasting water.

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