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This Teacher Wears Make-up And Wig To Make Classes Interesting

By Nia

Teaching kids is fun, but what happens when the kids do not like a particular subject?

Tutors often find interesting and unique ways to keep their students glued to their subjects.

Here is the perfect example of a teacher from Thailand, who has made his English classes much more interesting by opting an unusual way!

Check out the details.

Theeraphong Meesat, hails from Thailand and has been conducting his English lessons while wearing a wig and heavy make-up every day.

Also lovingly called 'Teacher Bally', Theeraphong sports make-up and unique outfits every day to boost his students' confidence during the classes.

According to media reports, the 29-year-old teacher teaches English at a local School in Ratchaburi province, Thailand.

Theerapong revealed that he not only dresses up for the classes, but also dresses up as Lisa from 'Blackpink' when he dons the scouts uniform! For the unversed, Lisa is a Thai singer.

The story behind why Theeraphong does what he does is quite interesting. Apparently, his students disliked learning English as a subject. He revealed that this was mostly because the kids were afraid of making mistakes.

Initially, he had not planned on using make-up to keep his class engaged. He revealed that he had attended a parade before his class one day. Since he did not have time to remove his make-up, he made it to the class in his unusual appearance. He was astonished on how the students reacted positively after seeing his never-seen-before avatar.

He revealed that the class mood had lightened up instantly and the students found his lessons less boring.

While some kids in the class were scared, some seemed to be more curious and eager to learn about what was to happen in the class for the day!

Overall, many of his students claimed that the classes were less boring after this unique change.

Isn't this a cool way to keep students hooked? What do you think? Tell us in the comment box below.

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