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10 Reasons Why December Is The Best Month Of The Year

December is the last month of the year and it brings a gala time for everyone. It goes beyond saying that this month has so much to offer such as cosy winters, the warmth of the blanket and the Christmas! The ending of one year and the beginning of the next year is beautiful and gives everyone hopes to start fresh.

As soon as this month starts, people start having celebration vibes all around. If you look back at the year, you will find yourself nostalgic for the times you spent doing things throughout the year. These things make December the best month of the year.

Well, there are many more things that will make you believe that December is the best month of the year.

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Scroll down to read those reasons:


1. Chilly Weather

December is the month where you do not have to worry about having sunburn or going out in the scorching sun. You can happily enjoy the sun with your sweaters. Rather than worrying about sweat and smell, you can put on your favourite sweaters, cute mufflers and socks to rock any moment.


2. Christmas Celebrations

One of the best things about December is probably the Christmas and the eagerness to decorate a Christmas tree. Kids are most excited for Christmas and seem to have an uncontrollable urge for decorating the Christmas tree and receiving gifts from their friends and family members.


3. Gifts, Cookies And Pies

While it is the month of Christmas, it is also the month of preparing cookies, cakes and bringing gifts for everyone. It is the time of the year when people are busy in making each other feel special through warm wishes and various gifts. Since nobody hates gifts, you can surely woo your special one and loved ones by preparing delicious cookies for them.


4. Sneaking Into The Comfort Of Blanket

During December you will experience chilly winters and therefore, the blanket becomes your new love. You start snuggling in the blanket to keep yourself warm and untouched from the chilly winter winds. The comfort and warmth that the blanket offers to you will surely make you fall in love with the winters.


5. The Arrival Of New Year

Though December is the end of the year, it is also the arrival of a new year. You tend to wait for the new year to start soon. You can thus make resolutions to accomplish in the new year. You can leave behind the grudges that you have been holding throughout the year to have a fresh and brand new start.


6. Vacations And Trips

December is certainly a month where you can happily go on vacation and plan some trips. For that reason, what could be better than planning a trip during winter vacation? You may have earned hard throughout the year and it is during December when you can actually spend your money in exploring some places and have fun. After all, there should be a good way to bid goodbye to the passing year.


7. Hot Drinks And Foods

It is during the winters only when you love to have hot drinks and foods to eat. Though you may love drinking coffee or tea throughout the year, you will find yourself more inclined towards these drinks. For that reason, it not only tastes better but will also keep you warm. You can also prepare hot chocolates and enjoy every drop in the chilly winters.


8. Families Come Together

This is the time of the year when you will meet with your extended family members. You can certainly plan to visit your grandparents during the winter vacation. This will not only help you in meeting your family members but will also make you feel happy to have spent your vacation in a wise way. Thus, you can ask your grandmother or aunts to knit you a pretty sweater or mufflers and make some delicious cookies for you.


9. Having Snow All-Around

December and winters are almost incomplete without snow. There is no denying fact that snow can actually make you shiver down the spine but you can also enjoy making a snowman or small igloos. Also, how about drinking hot soup to make you feel warm while watching the snowfall?


10. The Best Time To Party

Since this month has two celebrations along with the time to bid goodbye to the existing year and welcome a new year month has two celebrations, you can have a gala time. The month is full of theme parties such as Christmas eve party, Christmas party and many more.

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We hope you will enjoy this December at its fullest and create memories to cherish forever.

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