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Planning A Wedding? Check Out This Honest And Hilarious Wedding Invitation Card

A wedding is incomplete without an invitation card. Even if you have booked a magnificent venue with a scrumptious feast and mesmerising decoration, one thing that may lack is a nice wedding card. For that reason, people weigh the amount spend on the wedding by looking at the card. Today if you look in the market, you will find many wedding card designs.

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One such unique wedding card was designed by Akshar Pathak, a Delhi based comedian. The comedian has designed the card in a quirky yet interesting way. The card highlights the cliché aspects of Indian weddings. He has mentioned, "Humne Kitna Kharcha Kiya, just look at this extravagant wedding card, Ambani se kam nahi hai hum" meaning 'you can know about the amount we have to spend on this wedding by looking at this extravagant card. We are no less than Ambani'.

It is a parody wedding invitation card that talks about 'Sharma Ji ka ladka' getting married to 'Verma ji ki Ladki'. The comedian also gave a hashtag #ShaVerma for the couple to show the craze among couples for having their own wedding hashtag.

While mentioning the date, the hilarious card reads, "A very auspicious day so there'll be 22,000 other weddings and you'll be stuck in traffic for hours."

The details of the venue said, "Jahan 5-5 aur weddings hongi. So you get super confused and walk into the wrong one (the place where several other weddings will be taking place. So you get super confused and walk into the wrong one)."

The card also requests the guests for 'no gift, give cash only'. The reason behind this is explained as 'what we will do of 18 juicer-grinders after all?' Isn't it funny and reality?

Referring to the six and eight wedding functions of Ranveer- Deepika and Nick- Priyanka respectively, the comedian has mentioned, 'hum bhi do teen reception karenge kam se kam' (we will also host two or three receptions).

The comedian takes a jibe at hosts arriving late in their own party by mentioning that guests are expected 7 PM onwards, however, the hosts will themselves arrive at 8:30 PM.

Coming to the direction and location, the bottom of the card reads, "aage direction k liye ek bahut hi confusing map hai" (you will find a confusing map on the other side of the card). The other side of the map contains a funny map with the details of whiskey at the wedding stating that it was bought by Mintu's papa from the army canteen.

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After the card went viral, people couldn't control their laughter. Some of the netizens also want that the card should contain the detailed menu. Check out some funny responses on this card.