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Happy Cousins Day 2022: Wishes, Images, Quotes, Messages, Greetings And Whatsapp Status

You know life is precious when you have cousins in them. They are always your best replacements for siblings in case you grow tired of sibling rivalry/camaraderie. They are your good Samaritans that come to help, in case your life goes off the track. With them around, there is no dearth of cheerful and pleasant conversations and goodwill. There are double cousins, true cousins, first, second, and third cousins, who are still related to you, but can be a little far apart due to the widening differences in the gap between generations and the order of birth.

World Cousins day, as it arrives on 24 July this year, kicks in a flood of bittersweet memories, and takes you on a nostalgic trip, to wander happily in the lost days of innocence and childhood. We have curated the following messages, quotes and wishes to help you celebrate the spirit of cousinhood, this year, and year after year.
You are a loving friend in the guise of a cousin and your wishes and visits make my day. Best wishes for the Cousins day.

We may have to deal with a lot of challenges individually, but . when we are together, we are lucky and happy! Let the Cousins day be as warm and meaningful as our relationship.

You are the unadulterated and fun filled part of my soul. Thanks for making my life better. My warm wishes to you for a fulfilling future ahead on National Cousins day.

You are the luckiest soul. Because you have me as your cousin. Wishing you the best of everything on this National Cousins day. .

Blood is thicker than water. It trickles in slowly and surely with time, when all else fails. Wish you an affectionate and friendly world Cousins day.

Close to my heart, true in intentions, and remembered every day. This sums you up, my cousin, at every step of the way. Wish you loads of luck and happiness on the National Cousins day.

God created us as cousins, as he was aware that our mothers could not handle us as siblings. May you enjoy your happiness in its entirety on 24 July, the Cousins day.

You have been a true friend that has stood me through thick and thin. You are the best kith and kin. Let it have a fresh start on the National Cousins day.

In you, I found my alter ego. Thanks for being so indispensable. Wishing you happiness and peace on the National Cousins day.

You are the friend that God tailored to per my expectations. Wish you luck and prosperity on this day. Happy Cousins Day!

Cousins are the ones that walk in to your life, when the rest of the world has walked out. Happy Cousins day!

We are charmingly different varieties of flowers, in a garden of familial love. Wish you a life full of cheer and brightness on this day.

You are an indelible part of my childhood that can never be lost. Let the remembrance gladden us this Cousins day 2022.

By blood, you are my cousin, but by choice, you are my friend. Wishing you a lucky and eventful Cousins day.

Although we branch out in different directions, we start and end with the word family. Let us celebrate the spirit of cousinhood on this eventful Cousins day.

A cousin a day, keeps the boredom away! Wishing that you are always with us, on every Cousins day.

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