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Christmas 2022: Cool And Thoughtful Gifts For Teenagers

One of the most wonderful times of the year is here, and therefore gifting is an essential part of it we do not want to miss. While some are special, others are extra special, and yet even after spending so much time with them, it is difficult to pick the ideal gift for them. GenZ can be hard to impress especially because they are already loaded and updated with the latest fashion trends, gadgets, and dresses; and experimenting with new items is something that runs really deep in them.

Here is a list of cool and thoughtful gift ideas for teenagers that are cheap, and unique and they will always hold these close to their hearts. Check out the list!


1. Vinyl Records

These have been roaringly popular and are the reigning craze since the pandemic times. Relentless Streaming music makes all kinds of music easily accessible to such a degree that you feel a little detached from the music. It is hard to find the difference between scores of new artists in a pool of mp3s. Since Vinyl records have only one option, that is to play the entire album from front to back you have no other option but listen to it to appreciate and understand really better and you love that experience.


2. Ambient Lights

Teens, these days are into a plethora of interests, fully functional and smart though. The eternally fascinating smart ambient lights, provide background to gaming setups as well as making social media videos. Placed on a bedroom wall or behind the TV lightens your mood with multiple kaleidoscopic light shades which you can control through an app. This lighting app also includes several options and is lighter than incandescent bulbs on your pocket.


3. Switch Lite

This one is portable and light in weight, Is a great idea for teen gaming experts who do not want to be caught with the TV playing some soap or fiery news debates, If they are not specifically interested in the TV shows, you can get them a switch OLED. Also, buy one or two games to accentuate the watching delight. Read up on some game ideas for a better experience.


4. Smart Watch

You teen might be the proud possessor of a smartphone, then a swanky futuristic watch will be a nice addition. All they might need now would be a stand to place them all together for purposes of convenience. This will also ensure that they are updated about their health always. These haven't lost their charm in the raging technological market. It can help them use the phone in their pocket only when there is a notification. They are the coolest gadgets to flaunt around and hence deserve a place in their wrists and pockets.


5. Trendy Case For Smartphones

In case your teen, that prances at home, has a tendency to drop gadgets without short notice, you can think of supplementing their iPhones with a sturdy case that changes the unusual shape of their iPhone. This case not only covers the phone the way it should, firmly in place, but it also comes with a glaring flashy colour to set it apart from the rest. You can also choose from the elaborate ranges of fun designs that various companies come up with to cover your treasure.


6. Beauty/Skincare Kit

Your teen might have gotten into the skincare habit much before you knew what was going on. Lavish amounts of your undereye cream vanishing in no time from the box is proof enough. Buy those specific products aimed at adolescent skin and its issues with simple ingredients. Buy a skincare set that genuinely cares for SPF, that does not encourage cruelty, essentially vegan and fragrance-free but on the whole, very gentle on the tender skin of your teen.


7. Laptop

A laptop with a nice display with a price that you can digest with perfect internal specifications and battery life, is the need of the hour for your school homework bothered kid. You can also use it like a tablet for movie watching. You should thank yourself for this decision as you do not need to buy a fancy new laptop and it is exceedingly useful.


8. Headset

If your teen is unable to face the pressures of peer life and social media-dominated life, you could give him a good headset to calm down his woes. Buy the one which goes well with consoles, phones and computers as it is a handy must for your kid. Crystal clear volume and comfort on the ears are what your teen will thank you for.


9. Tablets

If someone you know is a bookish nerd, they need a table with free reading apps. If he finds it difficult to stack and arrange all his million books in one rickety stand, he needs this badly as it can hold thousands of books that carry no physical weight. Battery works for weeks and is good on that score as well.


10. Diaries

Teenagers are all intense emotions and ideas all bottled up inside their frames. Certain feelings remain to be told to no one (including their friends and parents) excepting a journal as it does not have an opinion about them and it can't judge them for what they seem to be. Journaling helps them understand themselves, their experiences, and doubles up as an eye-opening biography for them when they are older. So Diary is a must have for teens.


11. Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are made specially to prevent slipping of hands and feet while doing the Asana practices. They are specifically meant for practicing yoga. It provides a cushioned surface, to help make the yogasana easier and safer. Your teen will be more than happy to have it, as he needs to be in good health and for a good metabolism. It is a healthy distraction from the world of gadgets and helps him relax and rewind.


12. Daily Planner

Through daily planners, you teen will be greatly helped in mapping out his daily activities. His daily to do lists includes writing down a schedule, deciding what he should eat, how much he can spend daily for that day, or other pressing issues. There is a template for daily planning that helps the teen to go about his tasks effectively and spend productive hours doing something that matters to his life. So buy him that template or planner that makes him more organized and productive.

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