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Woman Who Was In Coma For 14 Years Became Pregnant

Leaving your loved one in the hospital while they are admitted is often a concern to the family members as several cases of sexual assaults and a lot more events do take place, especially in cases of people who cannot speak or reveal about the abuse.

There are several cases of people, kids and teenagers being sexually exploited, especially when they are under drug examination in hospitals.

Woman In Coma In Hospital Became Mysteriously Pregnant

Here is one such case of a woman who was raped and her case was not known until she gave birth!

Check out the bizarre case...


The Woman Was In A Vegetative State For 14 Years

A woman whose identity has not been revealed is reported to have been in a coma for more than 14 years gave birth at Hacienda Healthcare, a nursing facility, Arizona, United States Of America.

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None Knew She Was Pregnant

It is reported that none of the staff knew that the woman was pregnant. Since the woman was in a vegetative state and hence her condition was unknown by the staff and the medics.


She Was Moaning When Nurses Checked On Her

Apparently, the woman was moaning when the nurses checked on her. Since they were clueless about her pregnancy, it took a while for them to understand what was wrong with her. The woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy.


An Investigation Has Started

Since the woman is not in a state to explain or speak on who impregnated her due to her vegetative state, it is reported that an inquiry has been started to find out who raped the woman while she was in a coma stage in hospital.


There Are Many Such Cases

This is one of such cases where the patients have been exploited while they are not in a situation to fight back.

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What do you think should be done to stop this kind of exploitation? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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