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Two Women Hospitalized After Using A Vacuum Hose To End Their Periods Early

Women have a tough time when it comes to managing their periods. While it is a regular routine for many, there are those who feel that periods are nothing but a nightmare!

From trying hot water bags to chewing gums to divert their period pain, women do just anything to get rid of the pain. Amidst these home remedies, have you heard about the menstrual extraction method that existed in the 1970s?

Well, this is something that is currently back in trend and women are actually trying out this method to get rid of their periods and are ending up at the hospital instead!

Check out on what happened to two women who tried this unusual menstrual extraction method.


Two Women Were Hospitalised

An on-duty doctor from Seattle claimed that two young women were hospitalised after they tried to use a vacuum hose to end their periods early.


It Was A DIY Method

The women who were aged 23 and 19 apparently went into a 'shock' state after the DIY method that they used to get rid of their periods had resulted in a rush of blood. Apparently, the women tried to suck out their menstrual blood in a misguided attempt to end their periods early.


About Menstrual Extraction

This so-called 'menstrual extraction' is believed to have been followed during the 70s. This was mainly used to perform an abortion at home. This was not the actual method and this method was performed as abortion was illegal in the country. Once abortion became legal, this method vanished, only to become popular recently.


Doctors Explained The Scene

It is reported that doctors who attended the case, shared it on their Twitter accounts to warn the other women about the craze that was becoming popular.

The nurse attending the women wrote in her Tweet, "I don 't know if it was Eureka, Dyson, Hoover or some Walmart brand, but yes... An actual vacuum cleaner, it is dangerous. Today 's vacuums are extremely powerful. They could have sucked out a lot more than blood."

Explaining further, the nurse added that a woman's period has a steady flow of its own that for all intents and purposes that a human body can tolerate. By using the vacuum cleaner, it only increases the blood flow to over 1,000 times where your body can't tolerate and as a result, the body goes into shock.

Though the women are currently recovering, medics have warned women from trying out any of these harmful tricks.

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