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Doctors Had To Remove A Part Of His Intestine For This Reason

The functioning of our bodies has been carefully planned and we tend to realise this when we suffer from any ailment or health issues.

This is one such case of a man who lost a part of his intestine due to the excess constipation that he was suffering from over a week!

Check out the details of this bizarre incident.


He Almost Died

The man, who is 80 years old hails from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, almost died since he did not defecate for over a week. His condition of constipation worsened day by day.


He Fell Ill

The man had apparently developed a high fever. He had dazed and fainted before he was rushed to the hospital. The medics performed tests on him to find out the cause of his health condition.


They Discovered His Intestines Were Full Of Faeces

The medics were shocked to find out that the man was suffering from extreme constipation state. They discovered that his intestines were full of faeces!


He Was Operated

The man was immediately taken for a surgery. When the medics started the surgery, they found that some parts of his intestine had already necrotised and turned black, which means that the tissues there had died.


They Removed 30 cm Of His Intestine!

According to the reports, the surgeon had to remove 30 cm of his intestine since the tissues of his intestine had already died and the old man had to be hospitalised for half a month before he made a complete recovery.

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Story first published: Monday, April 1, 2019, 17:01 [IST]
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