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He Dated A Cockroach Called Lisa For A Year And Ate Her When She Died

Some stories make us wonder if they are fantasy or they happened for real and this story of a young man loving a cockroach might creep you out.

This is an unusual love story of a young man with a cockroach and how eventually there was an end to their relationship.

Check out the details of this bizarre story that will make you feel cringy when you learn the details of this unusual love story...


This Relationship Can Be Called ‘Sex Pest’!

Yuma Shinohara gives a new meaning to the words ‘sex pest' when he confessed that he was dating a cockroach named ‘Lisa' for a year and he was obsessed about having sex with her.

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He Confessed About His Fantasy About Love

Yuma called the bug his "first love" and claimed that even though the relationship was platonic, he fantasised about bedding his love in either way where he imagined himself to be of insect-size or with Lisa being human-size.


Their Love Was Going Strong Until Lisa Died!

He claimed that no human girl was as "hot" as Lisa! He further added that they were "100 per cent serious" about each other. Until one fine day when Lisa died, and the worst happened as Yuma ate her!

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He Ate Her As He Was An Entomophagist

Yuma is an entomophagist by profession which means that he advocates and practices eating insects as an alternative to meat for environmental reasons. Yuma is also well known for organising a bug-eating contest in his native, Japan.

More About Lisa - The COCKROACH!

Yuma revealed details about Lisa. He claimed that she was an African farm-reared cockroach and that he believed they could communicate with each other. Once she died and he consumed her, he said that now Lisa lives in his heart and body as well!

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Story first published: Friday, February 1, 2019, 11:28 [IST]
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