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This Doctor Allegedly Used One-use Anal Catheters On Multiple Patients

We visit the doctor to stay healthy and get rid of viruses. But what happens when the doctor who is treating us becomes the root cause of an infection that can take our lives?

Well, in this case, this is what happened when a doctor was accused of using a single catheter to treat around 82 patients.

Check out the details of this disgusting practice of the doctor that had put his patients at risk.


The Doctor Was A Colon And Rectal Surgeon

The accused doctor is a colon and rectal surgeon who has been performing surgeries on patients at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Jersey. He is accused of using only 5 catheters for the entire year while he performed 82 examinations on different people.

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The Doctor Used To Rewash And Use The Instrument

According to reports, the doctor had allegedly washed and reused the one-use catheters before he inserted it into the patients while performing the medical procedures. The medics used to wash the catheters with soap and water, later put them in a bleach solution for half an hour and rinse and air dry it later. To fool the patients, the staff of the doctor even repacked it into their original packaging for reuse.


About The Instrument

Anal catheters are single-use instruments that are generally used to examine the colon. These are plastic tubes which are inserted into the anus to collect the faecal matter or to put fluid into the anal cavity and intestines. These instruments are often used to flush a patient's insides with saline solution as well.

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He Has Been Suspended

The surgeon's medical license has been temporarily suspended and an investigation has been started against him since he had placed the patients in clear and imminent danger.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 11:43 [IST]
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