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Designer Collected 250 L Of Human Urine & Made Ceramic Vessels With It

Recycling plastic and other materials to make products has been a trend for years now. Making products out of the waste products look amazing too and they have great value.

But have you heard about stuff made from human waste? Well, this is the case of a designer who has been making ceramic products using human urine!

Though the thought of using urine can sound disgusting, the end products look amazing.

A designer named Sinae Kim is the mastermind behind this unique concept of creating products from human urine. This designer is a graduate from Central Saint Martins in London and he has created an entire collection of decorative ceramics using human urine.

The designer had used the urine instead of metal oxide to add glaze to the ceramic wares. The ceramic vessels have become an international trend after the creation was shared online.

The designer collection is called 'Urine Ware.' The collection flaunts a series of ceramic vessels which are inspired by the shape of the human bladder and unique laboratory flasks. The whole USP of this collection is that all the decorative vessels in the collection series were glazed using human urine.

Urine is said to have been widely used for many different purposes in a pre-industrial society; it was used for planting, cleansing, therapeutic medicine, even whitening of teeth to the tanning of leather as well.

The designer explained that the whole project has been an experimental journey, where he has been exploring the value of urine as it would represent a potential new role in this society.

For this unique project, it is said that around 250 L of urine were collected over a time of five months from five different individuals. The urine was later distilled to form a dark orange brown-coloured paste and used in making of the ceramic products.

Explaining about how urine can be used the designer revealed that since the minerals in urine can play the same role of glaze or clay, as it has the most common minerals such as iron, calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium.

Kim revealed that once the items were made by using clay, he coated the ceramics with the urine residue. Explaining about the glossy finish of the products, it is said that the urine residue coat helps in lowering the melting point of silica in clay. As a result, when it is exposed to heat, the silica merges with the minerals in the urine and created a glossy coating.

Check the video of the entire ceramic collection made by creating it from the human urine.

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