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A Circus Uses 3D Hologram To Display Animal Stunts

By Nia

Circuses across the world have always faced accusations of animal cruelty for years from different animal rights organisations like PETA and many more. Several places and countries have banned animals from performing in circuses.

According to a recent report, a circus in Germany is becoming a huge hit after it adopted a unique way to run their business and run the shows.

A famous circus troup named Roncalli decided to completely eliminate the possibility for unfair treatment of circus animals and came up with their unique concept of using 3D hologram of animals instead of the real animals!

As per the reports, this Germany-based circus was founded in the year 1976 by Bernhard Paul and Andre Heller.

The whole idea for using the 3D hologram technology struck director Bernhard Paul's mind when he was watching the 2018 NFL Super Bowl halftime show. Apparently, he was impressed with the concept of Justin Timberlake performing onstage with a holographic rendering of Prince mesmerised him.

This was the time when Circus Roncalli did not feature any of the live animals in their shows. Paul believed that using holographic images could be the best way to have the best of both worlds!

To get the dream circus concept, it took a while as the project needed 11 projectors to create the perfect holograms. Using this technique the spectators get to see an entire 360 degree view of the show.

Paul revealed that it also took a team of 15 designers and software engineers to design the entire show. While the 3D hologram is not restricted to just a few acts of animals, the show also features horses that stampede around the circus ring, elephants who are seen performing tricks and not to forget, it even features some fish as well!

Apart from the 3D show, there are several other regular performances that keep the circus crowd entertained. With technology bloom, it is nice to see that a circus is adopting new ways to make sure that no animals are harmed in the show.

The good news is that most of the circuses are implementing this new technology in their business as well!

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