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Bullied During An Interview, Girl Shares Her Story On Twitter

Standing up for being bullied takes a lot of courage, and this is something that most people are not able to do due to fear of society or a lot more.

But what happens when you decide to put your foot down and not get bullied while you send out a strong message to the bully?

This is one such case of a young girl who wrote a mail back to the CEO of the company and refused to take the job offer that she was given after two long hours of abuse!

Check out her story on Twitter and also do read how the netizens have applauded her for her courage to let go of the offer while she also revealed the reviews of the company...

Read below.

The original post:

When netizens started applauding her through their tweets...

People felt pity for those who were working at the firm...

Kudos to people cheering her!

Classic example of how Internet connects people!