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Story Of A Son Who Gained Weight To Save Father's Life

By Nia

Family love is an exception where we are always ready to take the extra step to help and save our loved ones. From staying awake when the kids fall ill to making sure that our parents' health is fine, we take every possible step to make sure that our loved ones are hale and hearty.

This is the real-life story of a family that will leave you with teary eyes. It is the story of an ailing dad who needed a bone marrow transplant for his survival and his son decided to be his donor despite being underweight!

This case is from China where A 11-year-old boy from Xinxiang city, has been praised for trying to save his father's life by eating as much as he can. The boy, Lu Zikuan, revealed that his father was diagnosed with leukaemia a few years ago, and since then he has been treated with constant medication.

It is revealed that his health had started deteriorating drastically in recent times and doctors had informed him that the only solution was to make him undergo bone marrow transplant.

The family screened themselves to check for the possible matches and they found only one viable donor match - Lu Zikuan who was the eldest son in the family, and he was just 10 years old at the time.

Even though he was just 10, this brave primary school student was ready to go under the knife as he wanted to save his father's life. The only hurdle that medics found was that the boy weighed only 30 kg, and the family was told that they wouldn't operate on him unless the boy gained at least 15 kg more.

So the boy took no time to change his lifestyle and he started stuffing his tummy with as much food as possible. The boy has been sitting down to eat five times a day and most of his meals consist of a good amount of fatty meats and rice. Since the family is not very sound financially, they have been facing trouble with the cost of food and Lu Yanheng's medical bills as well.

The boy's mother is said to earn just 2,000 yuan monthly by doing odd jobs at a grocery store and she relies mostly on discounted meat that she picks up from her workplace every single night. Seeing the boy's dedication to save his father's life, his school had has also organised a fund-raising event that can help the family in coping with the expenses.

Lu Zikuan's dedication to his family has touched millions of hearts across the world.

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