Meet The “Blood Witch” Who Paints Her Face With Menstrual Blood!

Blood Witch, who paints her face with menstrual blood | Boldsky

The moment we hear the term menstrual blood, we feel disgusted. Though there are so many people out there who come out and show the world that menstrual blood is not impure in different ways, it does make most of us still uncomfortable!
But what happens when somebody dares to show the world about their menstrual blood being sacred instead of impure?


Meet The “Blood Witch” Who Paints Her Face With Menstrual Blood!

Well, a woman named 'Yazmina Jade' had collected blood from her period and painted it on her skin as a 'sacred ritual' to 'reconnect' with her body!

Check out this bizarre incident where the world is going crazy with her stint.


Meet Yazmina Jade

She is a former hairdresser who collected the menses from her own periods and painted it on her face in a 'sacred ritual.' She claimed that this was a 'sacred ritual.'


She Smeared The Blood All Over!

Yazmina was seen smearing her own menstrual blood all over her face. She claimed that it is a way through which she was 'connecting' with her own body.

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She Released A Video Of Her Act

The self-proclaimed blood witch, who is also a feminine healer, released the footage of her ceremony in a quest to prove that menstrual cycle is nothing to be ashamed of!


Her Belief

She believes that the menstrual cycles should not be considered as something that is shameful and it is a confusion in the modern day, since it is still widely considered to be a secret 'woman's business'.

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She Revealed…

She reported to the media and said: "This was a sacred ritual to reconnect with my body. As women, we're deeply disconnected with our bodies because of societal shame. I decided to place the blood all over my face, and taste it to reclaim that part of myself. I could truly embody all that I was."

What is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below.


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