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    OMG! Real-life Story Of A Woman Whose Kidney Fell Into Her Pelvis Whenever She Stood Up

    This is the case of a young woman who suffered from a rare condition of a floating kidney. The detailing of the case will leave you baffled when you realise that her kidney indeed floated inside her body!

    Check out the details of this rare and bizarre condition of the unnamed woman whose kidney fell down to her pelvis every time she stood.

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    Read on to know more about the interesting case...

    This is the case for a young woman whose name is not being revealed for privacy reasons. She lives in Michigan. She experienced the most unusual pain when she stood every single time!

    She revealed to the doctors that she felt like "a ball was rolling inside of her" every time that she would go from lying down to standing up.

    The doctors discovered that the "ball" the woman was referring to was her right kidney.

    According to the doctors who revealed about the bizarre case, this 28-year-old woman was known to be suffering from a rare condition known as a floating kidney.

    Apparently, the woman experienced pain for nearly 6 years, as she suffered from abdominal pain on her right side and claimed that her pain worsened when she was standing but felt better when she was lying down.

    She had revealed to the doctors that the pain had apparently reduced when she was pregnant.

    When the doctors examined her, initially they could not jump to any conclusion, as the scans revealed everything to be normal. In the scan, her kidneys appear at the same level on both sides of her spine. But the scan that was taken while she stood straight revealed the condition, as it clearly showed the woman's kidney to be floating.

    This medical condition is also known as the floating or "wandering" kidney, which is medically known as "nephroptosis".

    It is a condition in which one of the kidneys falls into the pelvis when a person stands up.

    According to the doctors, people with a floating kidney condition can face this issue due to the body fat. Since the kidneys in general have a lot of fat around them to support them and if there isn't enough fat to keep the kidney in place, it falls into the pelvis when a person stands up due to gravity. This condition is said to happen in people who are very thin.

    The doctors revealed that her right kidney fell more than 2 inches, which is almost 6 centimetres down, or the length of two vertebrae, when she shifted positions from lying down to standing up. This was the main reason why she suffered from constant pain.

    To treat the woman's problem and eliminate her pain, the doctors did a surgery, which is also known as a "nephropexy."

    It was revealed in the report that the doctors made small incisions in her abdomen and put stitches into the capsule of the kidney, which apparently covers the outer surface of the kidney. It was later tied to the back wall of her body. This process holds the kidney in place and prevents it from dropping down.

    The report also revealed that since the surgery was done, the woman no longer had symptoms or pain, and she has been doing fine.

    Wish to read about more such medical bizarre cases and real-life stories? Then, stay tuned to our section, as we bring in the most unusual and rare cases of the people around you.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 15:00 [IST]
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