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    Doctors Revealed That A Spider Was Living In Her Ear!

    What has been your worst nightmare? Is it seeing something gross or experiencing any nasty stuff that you cannot stand?

    This is one such case which can give you goosebumps, as we reveal to you the details of a case in which a young woman who visited the doctor assuming her headache to be a regular one was told that a spider was present in her ear! Ouch!!

    She Had A Living Spider In Her Ear

    What was even more worse was that the spider was alive and was moving inside her ear and it caused immense pain!

    Here are some more details of this most bizarre case of a spider being found in the ear of the woman.

    This Case Happened In India

    The woman was from India and she complained of a tingling sensation inside her head, which at times gave her severe headaches and it sent her into a fit of rage and profound pain.

    She Woke Up With A Blocked Ear

    Apparently, when the woman woke up, she felt something was not right with her ear. She felt a painful blockage in her right ear and she tried to figure out the root of the problem. She initially ignored the pain, but the pain only worsened, as she couldn't quite pin it down though.

    The Woman Had No Idea What Was Going On Inside Her Head!

    The woman was completely clueless of the pain that she was experiencing and the fact that it was due to a spider!

    The Doctors On Examination Got A Shock

    Even the doctors got a shock of their lives when they found out the root cause of her pain. They found out that a SPIDER has been nesting inside of her ear!

    When She Was Told About The Root Cause...

    When the doctors revealed the woman about the actual cause, the woman was mortified, petrified and even shocked! This episode actually sent shivers down the spine of the doctors who had been digging inside her ear, as it was the most unexpected culprit to enter a human body.

    The Doctors Revealed About How Tough It Was To Operate Her

    The operation became more difficult than it had to be, as the woman's anxiety level increased several folds. Once she found the truth, she couldn't keep still and apparently the doctors had to sedate her before they could remove the spider.

    The Operation Was Successful

    Once the woman was sedated, the doctors used the saline water to fill up her ear canal and, as a result, the spider crawled up in no time! The pain subsided and the woman returned home and is now leading a regular life.

    How To Avoid Insects And Worms From Getting Into Our Ears?

    Smaller cretins such as ants and lice tend to get inside the ears, as these are easy accesses to them. To avoid it, you should not try to sleep on dirty floors, which are normally inhabited by spiders and other small creatures.

    Wish to read more such bizarre stuff? Then, check our section, as we bring to you the details of the most bizarre things happening around the world.

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