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    Real-life Stories: Married Since 25 Years, She Left Her Husband For Her Adopted Dogs!

    What is the one thing that your partner can leave you for? Well, most of the pet lovers would definitely swear by their pets and claim that they would leave their partners for the sake of pets!

    Though many wouldn't actually leave their partners for the sake of their pets, a case took many readers by surprise where a woman left her partner for the sake of her pets!

    woman left husband for dogs

    Well, check out this bizarre yet crazy incident where the woman who was married for 25 years and had a 22-year-old son, left her husband for the sake of her dogs!

    She Was Cheated, Hence Decided To Transform Herself Into A Sex Doll

    Know more details about her...

    He Was Fed Up With Her Dogs!

    Mike Haslam is a 53-year-old man who asked his wife Liz to choose him over her craze of sheltering over 30 rescue dogs. But to his surprise, his wife Mrs. Haslam was not willing to compromise and instead chose to stay with her 30 rescued pet dogs.

    She Claims To Be Happy Now

    Liz claims that she is now happier than ever after the couple separated. The couple has a 22-year-old son from their 25 years of wedding. The mother of one said: "My husband said it is me or the dogs. I haven't seen or heard from him since then!"

    They Were Teenage Lovers

    The couple had apparently met when Liz was just 16 years old and had left home to move in with him when she finished school. Apparently, she had grown up all her life with dogs as her mother bred West Highland Terriers and her father owned an animal food business.

    She Ran A Rescue Home For Dogs

    She founded BedforBullies - a shelter for rescue dogs - where she rescued 'Bull Terrier dogs' and that was how she began fostering dozens of them. Since the couple spent many hours away, Liz found her comfort with pooches increase and this lead her to not blink twice before taking up the decision.

    She Is Happy In Her Space Now!

    It has been over 18 months since Liz split from Mike and she claims that she has never been this happy ever and reveals that she has had no contact with Mike after he left her for the pooches.

    An Unconditional Love Story...

    What would you do if you were in her position? Leave your partner for your pet? Let us know in the comment section below.

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