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    Hidden Meaning Of The Different Rose Colours

    Rose Day - The Complete Valentine Day Rose Colour Guide | BoldSky

    Do you know that different coloured roses have different meaning to it? With the mark of Valentine week's start, rose day is being celebrated today.

    In the entire week of Valentine, there are different days that are celebrated. And today, being the rose day, you need to know about what exactly do the different colours of roses mean.

    rose meanings

    One does not have to give a rose only to their partners, and roses can be gifted to friends and well-wishers as well.

    So, find out the meaning behind the different colours of roses and choose the right one for your partner.


    Red Rose!

    Red being the colour of love, the message is quite clear, ain't it? This coloured rose will be on demand on this day, as most of us would want to gift our partners this coloured rose.


    Yellow Rose!

    This colour rose is often gifted to friends. The warm colour signifies friendship, optimism and warm attitude towards your friend. You can even gift this to your friend and make them feel special on this day!

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    Pink Rose!

    This coloured rose is considered to be a token of thanks. Gifting these roses conveys joy, gratitude and admiration for the person. These roses can be gifted as an unconventional way of expressing gratitude.


    White Rose!

    Do not be surprised if your loved ones gift you these roses for today! As this can be the sign of them making peace with you on this day! Sure this would be a great gesture to get these flowers, especially after a tiff!

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    Orange Rose!

    This rose signifies ones' intense emotions for someone special. This colour stands for fierce emotions, passion and energy. One can mix these roses with other colours of love and let their loved ones know about their intentions.


    Peach Rose!

    This coloured rose indicates the first impression of love. So, if you have a crush, and wish to convey your feelings to them, then this coloured rose is a perfect choice!

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    Salmon Rose!

    This rose reveals the desires and excitement regarding your partner. These roses are pinker than orange and darker than peach. Be sure before gifting these roses, as the end result might not be as expected!


    Dark Pink Rose!

    This rose indicates gratitude and appreciation, so pick these roses for the ones whom you want to convey the same. This colour indicates grace as well, so we guess the name is already running in your mind.


    Burgundy Rose!

    These roses are considered to be very romantic, These roses signify a very deep passion, even beyond that of red roses. Gifting these roses will be a striking choice for Valentine's day or any other romantic occasion!

    So which rose are you expecting for this day? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, February 7, 2018, 12:31 [IST]
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