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This Is What Dads Do When Moms Are Not Around!

Handling kids is not a joke, especially when the mother is away, and dads couldn't understand this better of the responsibility of handling the kids.

Here is one such video, where a dad is seen to be in his best form while he is handling his kids. The dad is seen dancing along with the kids and entertaining them while their mum is away.

dad dancing with kids

This video is proof that he can be the "potential dad of the year" candidate!

This is the video of Rujeana, the mother of two children who decided to set up a camera in her living room. The idea was to set up a camera, so their Grandma can see her kids doing cute things. However, instead, she got a surprise herself when she found out that her husband takes care of the kids in quite an adorable way when she isn't there. Just look at how much fun they are having.

It all starts as any kiddie video would - the older girl is playing along with a karaoke program on the TV. The younger baby is seen happily bouncing in her jumper when their dad turns up.

The dad in the video is seen coming from down the hall and carrying the load from the laundry machine when he decides to skip the chores and do something fun with his babies instead!

The dad suddenly breaks into the robot dance, much to his big daughter's enjoyment, so she turns towards daddy and starts dancing with him!

The man undoubtedly has got some moves and knows how to entertain his kids while their mum is away!

Hope you checked the video and liked it! If you wish to see much more interesting and adorable videos, then check our section, as we bring in some of the cutest happenings from across the world.

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Story first published: Monday, July 23, 2018, 14:28 [IST]
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