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    Real-life Story Of A Man Who Peed On Fire To Extinguish It

    A stitch in time saves nine! This is a proverb that most of us have heard and those who believe in it, actually feel that it is true!

    Being a quick thinker can save your life in some of the most unexpected times and here is one example where a man's quick thinking has saved the lives of many people.

    a man put off the fire by peeing

    Here are the details of the man who peed on a fire that started on the world's longest pleasure pier. His quick thinking saved the lives of many.

    Interesting Facts About Pee! 

    Check on to know more details about the entire episode.

    It Happened On...

    The incident happened on the world's longest pleasure pier and the fire became uncontrollable.

    Thomas's Quick Thinking Avoided Tragedy

    The quick thinking of 22-year-old Thomas Watson avoided the tragedy. He noticed a small flame and a lot of smoke that was coming up from the deserted Southend Pier and he decided to extinguish it.

    His Trick Of Dozing Off The Fire

    He unzipped his trousers in no time and relieved his bladder on it by putting the fire off! It was a perfect example of killing two birds with one stone!

    The Man Was On Family Vacation

    Thomas was clear in his mind to doze off the fire right there as he thought the flames would engulf his family which comprised his 26-year-old partner Saeefa Chowdhury and the baby girl who was 15 months old.

    He Revealed The Problem Was Real

    Thomas revealed, "The problem was the wind was pretty strong. After one failed attempt, I kneeled and peed. It clicked." He laughingly recalled, adding the fire source might have been a lit cigarette.

    The Fire Was Dozed Off

    Luckily, the fire was extinguished even before the fire services could arrive and since then the man has been called a 'Hero' for his quick thinking.

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