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    Doctors Remove Live Worm Crawling Under A Woman’s Face!

    Imagine, being bitten by excessive mosquitoes can not only make you prone to deadly diseases like dengue, but also leave you with a scary nightmare of worms that would crawl under your skin!!

    Eww! Though the thought seems to be scary, it is a fact, as a woman suffered from a rare condition, in which she thought the lump on her face was due to mosquito bite. But, it turned out to be a live worm squirming under her skin!

    Check out on the details of this bizarre case...

    She Is A 32-year-old Woman

    A 32-year-old Russian woman first noticed strange nodules below her left eye. She later noticed that the bulge had moved above her eye and then down to her upper lip. She documented this bizarre change by taking selfies.

    She Visited The Doctor

    When she realised this, she visited the doctors and told them about the nodules that had apparently appeared after her visit to a rural area outside Moscow. She claimed that she was bitten repeatedly by mosquitoes during her stay.

    The Culprit Was Found To Be...

    The doctors on examination found the culprit to be a long, parasitic roundworm called Dirofilaria. It is known to be typically spread by mosquitoes and hosted by dogs and other carnivores, which was found under the skin of the woman's face. The doctors examined the squirming lump on the woman's face and found it to be a worm. It was removed using local anaesthetic and a pair of forceps.

    The Disgusting Fact About The Worm Is That...

    The scary and most disgusting bit about this parasitic roundworm is that it can live up to two years in a human if it is not removed and it can move from the face to the buttocks region as well!

    The Only Relief

    It is believed that though the worm can live for so long and travel throughout the body, it is believed to rarely cause any kind of disease in humans! Whatever it may be, we cannot imagine a live worm crawling under our skin at any given point of time!

    What is your take on this story? Let us know in the comment section below.

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