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    She Was Shot In The Face And This Is How She Looks Now!

    What is the worst trouble do you think you have been through? Is it the trouble related to your relationship, monetary crunch or are you just not happy with your job? Trust me, my friend, these are just little issues that we suffer from.

    When we tend to see others' struggles and pain, it is something that makes us realise that we are better off with silly problems and consider it to be the worst!

    real life stories

    Here, in this article, we bring in the details of an inspirational story of a woman who lost her face and lived a life without a face for 11 long years.

    Check out the details of Crissy Steltz who lived a life without a face for 11 long years.

    It Was An Accident
    Crissy Steltz was just sweet 16 when the pretty teen decided to move out of her family home to live with her boyfriend. The accident happened at a friend's house party when one of the guests began to play with a stolen shotgun.

    She Warned Him...

    Crissy who was a straight-A student had apparently warned the guest to put the gun away. She called his antics as "dangerous". But, on the other hand, the guest calmed her and told her not to be too concerned, as he said that the gun wasn't loaded! In no time, a rogue bullet hit Chrissy directly in the face.

    Her State Was Bad

    She remained conscious even though her face was ripped apart to pieces. Her now ex-explained about the accident and revealed: "I don't know if you have ever seen like a wounded animal trying to get up. That's what I saw. I saw an injury that nobody survives, except somebody really strong. And she was trying to get up."

    The Accident Left Her With...

    In the accident, Chrissy lost her eyes and nose in the incident, which left her blind and without any sense of smell. Chrissy was completely unrecognizable. She had a large dent on her face.

    Despite This...

    Despite such a grave injury, Chrissy proved to the world that she could continue living her life, as she turned out to be a fighter. She graduated high school and attended her prom. For 11 long years, she was wearing an eye mask to conceal her face.

    She Could Not Get Prosthetics Earlier

    Chrissy suffered for 11 years and she could not get any aid from the medical insurance, as it claimed that she could not undergo a facial prosthetics that could give her an artificial nose and eye, as authorities had deemed it "cosmetic".

    She Was Offered Free Prosthetics

    She claimed that surgeons and doctors came to her rescue, as they gave her a new face and it was completely free of charge. Though she cannot see the effects of her new appearance, her little son can see her with a prosthetic face.

    A Supporting Partner

    Amidst all the struggle that she was going through, she met her partner Geoffrey Dilger, who had also lost his sight when he was just 16 years old. The couple is blessed with a young son named Geoffrey Jr.

    She Wanted To Remove Her Eye Mask For Her Son's Sake

    She was keen on removing her mask for her son to look at her face for the very first time. Now, her son is able to see his mother without her eye mask. The new face that she has now had drastically changed her life for the better.

    It Was 11 Years Since The Accident Happened

    While the traumatic event left her with scars for life, Chrissy's life changed forever, yet she has proved that she is a fighter who hasn't let the incident take away her spirit. With a new face, she is stronger than ever, as she cradles her young son happily.

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