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Man Who Changed His Sex 3 Times!

When we think that we are confused about making our life's decisions, do not be surprised to learn about Ria Cooper who was so confused about his own identity that he underwent sex change operations thrice!

Well, this is not a myth or a joke, but an actual story of Ria Cooper who is popularly known as the Britain's youngest sex change patient who became a woman at the age of 15 years and regretted in no time!

Find out more about the details of him, as it took 3 sex changing surgeries for him to realise what he actually wanted to be in life!

Check it out...


It All Started At The Age Of 12

Cooper started dressing as a woman at 12 years of age. At age 15, he was pretty sure that he wanted to be a woman. After medical advice and psychological help, they began a hormonal treatment and by the end of his treatment, he became a woman.


The Confusion State

Cooper regretted making his decision at such a young age and hence decided to switch back shortly after his 18th birthday. He "transitioned" back to his biological gender and lived as a "gay man."


Again, He Wished To Become A Woman

Cooper was not happy with his current state of being a gay man and instead opted to have another sex change operation and become a woman. In this process, he realised that he was getting emotional and even had suicidal tendencies during the course and hence stopped the treatment mid-way and chose to become a man again!


The De-transitioning Phase!

Cooper revealed that the "De-transitioning back to a man" process made him even more unhappy. But since he chose to get back to his original self, he was happy. He added: "Now I'm going to be me - and I hope I will finally be happy."


He Lost Many Loved Ones In This Process

Cooper said that his decision took him away from his family and to make things better, he must become a man again to solve it. He believes that he will have better luck in love as a man.

We wish him luck too! Share your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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