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Proven Ways To Project Positive Energy

As human beings, all of us have met someone who radiates positivity all around him or her. Irrespective of what that person is going through in his or her personal life, they make it a point to ensure that people around them are comfortable.
Now, it is a wrong notion that people who spread positivity are all extroverts. More often than not, it is often seen that introverts ace at this as well.

When you look at such a person, you may often feel that being positive must come naturally to them. However, it is far from being so. The fact is that often it is seen that it takes a lot of practice on the part of an individual to be able to accomplish being a source of positivity.
This article explores some of the ways in which you yourself can try to be a source of positivity. Once you incorporate all that is given in this article in your daily life, you will be amazed to see how this shift in mindset opens doors to a myriad of amazing opportunities to come your way.

• Learn to differentiate fact from fiction

As human beings, it is natural that at times we mix facts with fiction. In this case, fiction would be the thoughts that run on in our mind, which may or may not be true. An example of this would be a conversation that you have had with a neighbour. The actual conversation here is the fact.
Thinking about how the conversation would go before the actual conversation or contemplating on how your neighbour thinks differently of you following that conversation is fiction and must not be given much attention to. In order to project positive energy, we must ensure that such a thing does not happen too often.

• Cut yourself some slack

It is not possible for anyone to be happy all the time. At times, when you find yourself unhappy, it is important to cut yourself some slack. Remember if you are not kind to yourself, no one else will ever be. Thus, when you are feeling low, the best thing that you can do is to recognize and honour the thoughts that are running on in your mind. That way, you will be able to deal with it and end up becoming your own best friend.

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• Use positive words

As cliché as it sounds, use of positive words actually makes you give off positive vibes and makes people who meet you love you all the more. Hence, try to make it a practice to use words like 'I am grateful' and 'I am willing to' more often. Make it as a practice to not use negative words on the first impulse. Repeated usage of words like 'love', 'happy', 'secure' and 'solution' are also encouraged, as they give off a cheerful outlook to life.

• Practice gratitude

Man is a gregarious animal and the life that we live on a daily basis is possible only due to the cooperation and support from a lot of people around us. These people range from your parents and teachers to your maid and driver. Learn to practice gratitude towards everyone who makes your life worth living. By reminding yourself to express gratitude for all the good things in your life, you are projecting positivity around you. This will make you feel good about yourself as much as it will make others around you love you.

• Have a goal

Having a long-term goal is a good idea. However, coming up with short-term goals that help you achieve that long-term goal is an even better idea. Working towards these short-term goals and achieving the same will prove to be a massive confidence booster for you. Very soon, you will see others picking up on the same by taking your example. This makes the environment subject to a greater amount of healthy competition.

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• Always compliment the others around you

It is often seen that we like a particular quality or thing about a person. In such a case, make it a point to bring the same to his or her notice. That way, you will make the other person feel good and spread positivity around. However, make sure that you acknowledge what someone does for you, only when you mean it. Do not go about giving compliments just for the sake of it. Doing so will make the compliment lose out on its value.

• Keep distractions at bay

Learn to live for the moment and savor the most mundane of tasks. You can start this by turning off the TV when you are cooking yourself a meal. Turn off the phone when having lunch with a friend. Remember that it is the electronic gadgets that are the biggest distractions in our lives today. By learning how to keep them at bay, you will not just be happier yourself, but will also radiate positivity all around.

• Be more generous

Remember that being generous does not mean that you have to indulge in grand tasks. Things as simple as helping your roommate with a task or writing a positive note for a coworker can work wonders. If you make being generous a practice, you will find that things like tipping the waiter or holding the door for a lady will come naturally to you. That way, you will not just be in peace with yourself, but you will also cause a major shift in the atmosphere around you by being a center of positivity.

• Maintain a good posture

Experts say that the posture that you maintain is a non-verbal indication of how you feel about yourself. Hence, make it a practice to sit or stand up straight. Make sure you open up your shoulders and avoid folding your arms as much as possible. Doing so will send out positive vibes and make you appear more approachable. Being approachable is the first key to being a source of positivity for people around.

Story first published: Wednesday, May 2, 2018, 18:21 [IST]
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