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    Hoax Alert! People Claim Pig Gave Birth To Half-human Half-pig

    With news being accessible with just a click, there are many chances of fake news doing the rounds as well. There are so many cases where people tend to blindly believe everything that they see online, and they do not try to find out if the news is real or fake.

    Due to this, there are many chances of chaos and fear spreading across like wildfire and to get a fact check becomes a must in such situations!

    pig giving birth to half-human

    Here is one such case where people shared images and videos of a strange-looking animal that looked like a half-pig half-human baby and it said that the mother pig had delivered this peculiar-looking human-pig hybrid in Kenya!

    These Viral Pictures Were Nothing But Fake!

    So, here we bring in the facts about the entire episode of human-pig hybrid!

    It Is Not A Real Baby!

    A little research revealed that the "baby hybrid pig" images that were doing the rounds are not of a real living creature but rather a silicon sculpture created by the Italian artist Maganuco Laira.

    It Was A Photoshoot!

    The images were from the artist's Etsy store! The sculpture has been staged for effect in a farmyard setting and to make it look more realistic, even a mother pig was seen in the picture.

    So The Fact Is It Is A Hoax!

    So, all out there, who panicked if it was real or fake can take a deep breath as it was nothing else but a HOAX!

    Watch out this space as we bring in more stories on the same line and reveal the truth to you.

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