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    On This Environmental Day, See The Pics On How Earth Is Getting Destroyed By Mankind

    Man is busy exploring new things every single day. In the process, he is not realising about the damage being done to mother earth, which is irreparable, and it seems like humans are in no mood to stop the damage, as they are thinking of only the present.

    Here, in this article, on this World Environment day, we are about to share some of the shocking pictures which reveal the bad side of how humans have harmed the planet.

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    These pictures are an alarming sign as to how much damage the mankind has been doing and it is definitely about time we stopped this, NOW!

    Check them out...


    The Ganges

    This is the largest river in India, and it has been extremely important to the Hindus. The river is filled with both human and industrial wastes. Even after this, many people still use this river for bathing and washing clothes!


    Deepwater Horizon Explosion

    Mexico was left with a devastating oil explosion that resulted in many workers getting injured and many of them were never found. The explosion was considered to be one of the largest accidental marine oil spills in the world and it resulted in a massive destruction in the Gulf of Mexico.

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    The Surfers' Paradise

    Different food wrappers and bottles were spotted in a massive wave, off the coast of Java, Indonesia. A surf photographer clicked the trash and it consisted of tree trunks, the size of cars, food wrappers and bottles that started floating along with the wave!


    The Palm Oil Plantations

    Due to increased demand of palm oil, the Indonesian Government has responded to the public by setting a target to increase the country's palm oil production by up to 40 million tonnes by 2020. This has lead the rain forests in Borneo, Indonesia, to be transformed and used as palm oil plantations.


    The World’s Largest Land Vehicle

    This is one of the world's largest vehicles that has a bucket-wheel excavator. The buckets can hold up to 200 tonnes each and they are used on surface mining operations to remove the waste rock to reach the desired minerals.


    The Melting Ice

    It is scary to know that the massive ice bergs are melting and getting a lot smaller due to climate change. This picture reveals at what a massive speed the ice is melting.


    Athabasca Oil-Sands

    These are the world's most largest installments of bitumen. They consist of a mixture of crude bitumen, silica sand, clay minerals and water. These oil sands are said to be located under 141,000 square kilometers of boreal forest and muskeg, which man has never stopped exploiting.


    A Hole In The Earth

    This is actually the world's largest diamond mine, known as Mir Mine, and it is located in Russia. It is 525 metres deep and 1200 metres in diameter. During 1960's, the mine was said to be producing up to 2000 kg of diamonds per year and now it has reduced to just 400 kg per year!


    The Mexico City

    This city is one of the world's most heavily populated cities. This picture shows at how over-populated the city is due to the fact that one can barely see any vegetation around. This is considered to be one of the reasons why the air pollution in the city is so out of control.


    The Amazon Rainforest Fires

    There has been a sudden increase in the forest fires in the past few years due to deforestation, droughts and climatic changes in the Amazon Rainforest.


    Pollution In China

    Air pollution in China is rising rapidly due to massive industrialisation. Many people are opting to wear face masks to reduce the effects of pollution, as it is affecting their health in all possible ways.



    This picture of deforestation is quite saddening. Deforestation is considered to be one of the major factors that affects our planet. Due to this, the ecosystem is getting hampered.


    Plastic Found In Animals And Birds!

    Birds and animals are chewing on the plastic wastes that humans are scattering across. This is one of the most serious issues that people have already started facing around.


    The Electronic Waste

    With everyday technology improving, the older version models are being dumped in wastes. This is an add-on to the waste that humans are leaving around.


    The Land Fills

    This image shows us as to how much waste we humans have actually created! No other species on Earth has ever created waste at such a drastic level and this damage is something that is irreparable!

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