List Of Weird Products Made Using Human Hair!

Women love to flaunt their long hair, but what happens when there is hairfall? We are the first ones to feel disgusted the moment we come across loose hair.

People tend to have a phobia when they see loose hair and to shock the world, there are those too who make a business using these loose hair and make products out of this hair! Surprised? Don't be! What we are about to tell you can make you go "Wow".

Weirdest Ways Human Hair Is Being Used

Here, in this article, we are sharing the list of some of the most bizarre things that people have made using human hair!

The list will surely shock some and may make a few feel disgusted as well!

So, go ahead and check the list...


The Human Hair Chair!

An ex-hair stylist named Ronald Thompson from London is quite famous for his hairstyling tricks. He has worked for celebrities and superstars. He has created a unique human chair known as the "Stiletto Chair." This chair was mostly made of human hair. The ex-hairdresser claimed that he kept discarded hair, which was swept up in barbershops and hair salons in London to create this chair.

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The Victorians were known to have a unique way of mourning the dead. They created jewellery from the hair of their dead relatives. They often made brooches or pendants with the hair woven in the middle. Even Queen Victoria wore a locket of the dead king's hair around her neck!

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The Hair Soy Sauce

According to reports, a Chinese company started promoting powders and liquid that were made from using the human hair as a new ingredient for soy sauce. The company claimed that the idea of using the human hair as an ingredient for soy sauce striked their minds, as human hair is rich in protein content, just like soybeans, wheat, and bran!

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Fertilizers For Crops!

Sounds weird, but human hair is used to make fertilizers for crops and it is also used as a weed deterrent. This unique fertilizer is believed to be a competition for the chemical fertilizers. Apparently, the ancient Chinese farmers used human hair and excrement to feed their crops.

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The smell of burnt hair disgusts all of us, but do you know that self-proclaimed babas and spirit healers burn human hair to ward off spirits? Well, it is also said that the hair is mixed with pig manure and is burnt, so that the evil spirit flees away due to the terrible smell! Okay, take a deep breath, there are some more products that could make you go bonkers!

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From making bikini to creating penny loafers, underwear, hats, shirts, and vests, many more such clothing items are made from human hair! Well, we bet it must be an itchy deal to even try on these bizarre clothings that were made using human hair! Apparently, there was a designer named Sarah Louise Bryan who made a dress from pubic hair and tried selling it online as well! Yikes!

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To Ward Off Animals!

If you are not a great animal lover, then all that you need to do is fill a bag with human hair and place it at the most favourite place of unwanted guests (the animals)! The animals tend to move away and not visit the premises unless the bag is around! Try it!

Wish to read more such interesting stuff, then do let us know in the comment section below.

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