Mom Is Dad, Dad Is Mom In This House; And The Kid Is Gender Neutral!

Being a parent is not an easy task, as most of the times people think that it is the mother who takes care of the child eventually! But what happens when the parents decide to reverse their roles?

Sounds impossible, right? But here we bring in an inspirational story of a young gay couple who have inspired many individuals around the world.

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This is the story of Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow who are a gay couple and have reversed their roles as parents in their children's lives.

Check out and learn more interesting things about this unique couple.

They Are...

Trystan and Biff are a gay couple who live together in Oregon. The couple live along with their adopted and biological children. Biff is a social worker, while Trystan a gay trans-man, who decided to go in for a role reverse in bringing up their kids.

All About Their Kids

Apparently, one of the sisters of the couple had two children, one boy and one girl, but they were not in a state to take care of them well. Hence, the sister requested the couple to raise the kids instead. Since the couple had always dreamt of raising a family, this was a golden opportunity and adopted the kids instantly. After a while, Trystan became pregnant with their first biological child.

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They Created Their Own Site

The couple was featured in a leading tabloid when they revealed to the world about their adoption. With instant fame, as their story went viral, the couple decided to create their own website for their fans to follow their lives and day-to-day activities. The world was curious to know more about how a gay couple was leading a perfect family life!

The Couple Even Faced Backlash

Once the couple's pregnancy news went viral and the couple got recognised by the world, people started being judgmental about them. Trystan who was pregnant around this time noticed that people began to question about his masculinity. He noticed that once they found out he was pregnant, they actually started looking at him differently. They searched his face as if they were looking for the remaining female features in his body. This did bring in a low phase for the couple.

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However, They Ignored The Haters

Although it was frustrating for them to get constant negative feedback, the couple decided not to focus on it and focus more on the positive things around. They knew that the most important thing was not how other people perceived them, but the way their family worked. They decided to focus on their relationship and parenting.

Their Biological Child

While the couple had already adopted a young boy and girl, they decided to label their biological child as Gender Neutral, as they believed that the character of the individual is more important than the gender of the child.

They Feel Lucky When Compared To Other Gay Couples

Trystan and Biff realised that not all LGBT couples have this same chance as what they do. In an interview, Trystan spoke about his interaction with an older gay man from Texas who was not lucky as them because he was unable to adopt or have a biological child because of the different social norms at that time!

They Take Each Day As It Comes

With so much of hype around their parenting choice, the couple still remain calm and focused on being good parents. As for now, they are taking things as they come, with each passing day. Being a parent to one child can be hard enough, let alone three. The only focus they have right now is making sure their kids feel loved and taken care of.

Their Story Is Indeed An Inspiration

No doubt that Trystan and Biff's story is a true inspiration, as we all can learn lessons from it. They have taken two children out of a bad situation into a loving home, where the kids are growing stronger as a family, and learned to push aside the negativity they receive from the outside.

Did you find their story to be inspirational? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 10:14 [IST]
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