The Most Popular Haunted Places In India

Haunted Places In India - Part -1

The words "haunted place" can make many miss out on their heartbeats! But do you know that there are several haunted places in India alone?

haunted places of India

Well, there are many such places in India that have been labeled by the Archaeological Survey of India as being the most haunted places in India.

haunted places of India

Here are a series of the most haunted places in India. These places are so scary that it can give you chills down your spine and make you have crazy nightmares.

haunted places of India

Find out about the top 5 places of India that are haunted, even to this day. From stories related to the harmless ghosts to the creepiest of them, the list is all here.


#1 Bhangarh Fort In Alwar

It is ranked as the "Most haunted place in India". Several legends have attested to the paranormal happenings inside the fort. Various incidents have been reported from this place. Even the "Archaeological Survey of India" has forbidden people from entering the fort after sunset!


# 2 Brij Raj Bhavan In Kota

This is the home of the harmless ghost of Major Burton who was killed by the Indian Sepoys during the Mutiny of 1857. It resides in the old palace built in the early 19th century and it had been converted into a heritage hotel, back in 1980. The ghost is rumored to walk around the corridors of the palace and occasionally slap the guards who sleep on their duties.

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#3 Deserted Ghost Village Kuldhara In Rajasthan

It is located near Jaisalmer, and has been abandoned since the 19th century. According to history, one night in 1825, all the people of Kuldhara and the 83 nearby villages vanished all of a sudden. Apparently, the minister of the state fell in love with the beautiful daughter of the village chieftain. He taxed the village, but the chieftain and the other villagers decided to abandon the village and the land was cursed to never have any habitat, hence the village remained haunted.


#4 Dumas Black Sand Beach In Surat

This beach was used as a burial ground for long and hence is home to several tortured souls. One could hear whispers of other people talking when they were alone on the beach! Only few returned to tell the tale. Also, those who stroll in the night here are believed to never return!

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#5 Tunnel No. 33 On Shimla-Kalka Train Route

A friendly ghost of Captain Barog is said to haunt this place. He was a British engineer, who was in charge of the building of this tunnel, but failed to build it. The British officers fined him and due to humiliation, he killed himself. Locals also claim that a woman seems to screamingly go running into the tunnel and then vanishes into thin air here.

Wish to know more about the various other haunted places in India? Then keep checking our section, as more updates are coming up.

haunted places of India
haunted places of India
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    Story first published: Wednesday, February 7, 2018, 17:08 [IST]
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