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    Landlady Offered Free Stay To Her Tenant If He Agreed To Sleep With Her

    There are some people in this world who will find all possible ways to get sexual favours done in any given situation. From getting a promotion to getting any kind of work done, there is no filter that people have in terms of being vocal about their sexual favours.

    One such case of a sexual favour, in which a guy could stay "rent free" in a house, is doing the rounds on the internet.

    Guy Offered Free Stay; But With A Favour

    We bring in details of one such case where a landlady seemed to ask for a sexual favour to let her tenant stay at her home for free and the deal was for an entire year!

    Why People Are Obsessed With Sex?? 

    Check out the details of this real-life story of the landlady, who asked her tenant to have sex with her for a night...

    The Unusual Request From The Landlady...

    The tenant was apparently late for a month with his rent. The landlady seemed to initially remind him about the unpaid rent. The guy seemed to promise of paying the rent at the earliest, until he got a surprise.

    The Tenant Got An Offer

    The tenant revealed on a social site that he got an offer of staying "rent free" in a house for an entire year, if he made love to the owner! He seemed to instantly agree to the offer.

    She Wrote...

    Her text read, "It's okay, if you cannot pay the rent. When you have finished work for the day, come to my house to accompany me then you don't have to pay for the rent."

    She Further Added

    She sent him another text which clearly gave in the details of her intentions. She sent, "I will only do it this one time and then you don't have to pay the rent for the whole year. Think about it! I will be at my house waiting for you".

    Though much details of what happened next is not revealed in the text, it is assumed that the man made use of the opportunity to stay rent free for the entire year.

    There have been many ads that have been going online these days, where people are openly asking for sexual favours and a lot more, while they let the person stay in the rented houses for free.

    We have gathered some of the ads, which have ideally been taken down after the people have reported about them.

    Check out these ads...

    'I have a spare room for someone who likes to get naked at home. Send naked pic and details if interested.'

    'I'm offering free temporary accommodation for nice, kind and tidy lady in exchange for cooking, cleaning, and keeping me company'

    'Room for a female guest only. Temporary for two weeks and free if you are willing to do the cleaning etc.'

    'Female of any age to share room. King-size bed. I don't want payment. Just company. Nothing sexual unless we both want it.'

    'Free accommodation and bills for a woman in exchange for house work and fb/fwb. House mate only home two to three days a week due to work. Please send picture and description.'

    And a lot more...

    Blogger Offered Free Sex And Check What Happened Next! 

    So, what is your take on this fast-growing concept of offering the place for sexual favours done in return? Let us know in the comment section below.

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