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Boy Gets Emotional When He Holds His Little Baby Brother

The joy of meeting a new member of the family is wonderful, especially when you have been waiting for the longest time.

Here is a video of a young boy named Mikey who had been asking his mom for a younger brother for a long time, and he finally got to meet him for the first time.

This video will leave you emotional as the young boy is seen getting excited and smiling away the moment he gets to hold his teeny brother.

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Since Mikey's mother had some fertility issues before, she didn't want to raise his hopes of having a younger brother sooner and hence she was careful to choose her words wisely while explaining to him about the fact that he might never have the opportunity to play with a brother.

Since she had suffered a miscarriage earlier, the family had decided to accept that having another child wasn't meant to be.

But looks like Mikey's strong desire of having a baby brother did change the course as the mother discovered that she had become pregnant and to add on to the happiness, it was a baby boy!

Mikey was so excited about having a brother that he even made a share plan for his brother on how the two would have the same or similar things. His innocent love is what reminds us of how special family bonds are.

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