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    Man Got Instant Karma For Being A Jerk!

    When you read a board that states "no smoking in this area", it does mean there is a reason they do not wish you to do so!

    One such place is a gas station or a petrol pump where we know that smoking at these places can be hazardous; however, there are those douche bags who wish to break the laws to stay cool and end up in a tragic situation!

    the video where the man refused to put off his cigarette at a petrol pump

    Here is one such video which we are sharing, in which a man is seen teaching a young customer the rules of putting off a cigarette in the best way possible.

    Check out the details of the video...

    In the video, it is seen that the young lad is stubbornly refusing to put his cigarette off while pumping gas. The employee at the station seems to lose his cool and goes to extreme lengths to show him that it is not cool to smoke so close to the gas pump.

    The source of the video reveals that it is shot at Russia's Gazprom gas station somewhere in Sofia, Bulgaria. In the CCTV footage, it is seen that the man seems to be arguing with someone off the camera. Then comes one of the station's employees, grabs a big fire extinguisher and pops it open and sprays the man in the face with it!

    Since the man was adamant about not putting off his cigarette, the gas station employee decided to take matters into his own hands by grabbing the fire extinguisher and spraying the man down.

    Guess it was a life lesson the young lad had learnt. Do you think the employees' reaction was an unnecessary one and did the young man deserve to be treated this way?

    Let us know in the comment section below. For more exciting videos, check our section 'Pulse', as we bring in more interesting videos from around the world.

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