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Google Doodle Celebrates Valentine's Day & The 6th Day Of Winter Olympics

Today is the 6th day of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the day of love "Valentine's day" as well! How could Google not miss out on marking these two events together, eh?

Google doodle released the 6th doodle today, which marks the celebration of both these important days!

Today's doodle gives a glimpse of the day's "heartwarming action." The doodle is marked as "The Grebes" and it shows us "just how powerful love can be". Check on to know more about this doodle and the game.


About The Doodle

In today's doodle, the illustration shows two lovebirds on how they have been skating together since they were young chicks and as time passed by, they are seen truly spreading their wings.

Google Doodle Celebrates The 5th Day Of Winter Olympics


The Birds Are Seen Flying In The Air

As seen in the doodle, the lovebirds are seen spreading across their wings and a birds-eye-view of the action displays the "extravagant" jumps and lifts.


The Other Doodles

The Grebes is the 6th in a series of the 17 doodles from the Snow Games. Since day one of the Olympics, Google doodle has marked each day with a new doodle related to the game. The previous doodles included a sledging penguin, a skiing dog and an ice-skating snake. It also had "Magpie" the turtle.

Google Doodle Celebrates Day 4 Of The Winter Olympics


More About The Game

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is the first Winter Olympic Games that is being hosted by South Korea. It had previously hosted the Summer Olympics in 1988.

Stay tuned to watch more upcoming doodles each day.


Story first published: Wednesday, February 14, 2018, 11:38 [IST]