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Google Doodle Celebrates Day 4 Of The Winter Olympics

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As the Pyeongchang Winter Games is in full swing, there are doodles that are made each day and these playful doodles have their own meanings.

As we have been sharing the Google Doodles from the start of the event, we bring you the details of today's Google Doodle which marks the Day 4 celebrations of the Winter Olympics.

Doodle Celebrates Day 4 Of Olympics

Google Doodle Celebrates Day 3 Of The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

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Today's Doodle

In today's Doodle, Google marks the 4th day of the celebrations. In this doodle, one can see a crew of animals that include an elephant, a tortoise and a penguin. These animals are seen racing on the snowboards down the slopes.


The Elephant Is Seen Taking The Lead

In the doodle, one can see the elephant is well ahead of the pack in the race as they are seen racing down the slopes. On the other hand, it's the tortoise that is seen languishing behind others.

Google Celebrates Day 2 Of The Winter Olympics 2018 With A Doodle


A Little About The Game

The Pyeongchang Winter Games 2018 will see more than 2,000 athletes who are representing 92 countries at 102 events during the entire event. There are 15 sports events including skiing, skating, luge, ski jumping, ice hockey, snow-boarding among other games which will be played during this event.


Different Doodles Each Day

Since the event is for 17 days, there would be different doodles of animal-based sporting animations being created by Google. All that you need to do is simply click on the play button at the centre of the designs and check for the new doodle each day.

Doodle Celebrates Day 4 Of Olympics
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Story first published: Monday, February 12, 2018, 11:30 [IST]
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