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    Girl Had A Tapeworm Cyst, Which Was Half The Size Of Her Brain, Removed!

    There are many bizarre and weird conditions of health that can shock or stun us. From a face melting condition to tumours that are really huge, these can give one a shock upon knowing of the criticalities.

    Here, in this article, we are sharing a story of a young girl named Nita Juggi, from India, who suffered from a bizarre condition of having a tapeworm cyst that was so big that the neurosurgeons claimed it to be half the size of her brain!

    So, check out more details on this incident.


    It Happened In India

    The incident was reported from Kutch, in Gujarat, central India. The girl named Nita Juggi suffered from a bizarre condition, where she had a tapeworm cyst in her brain for over 2 years!


    Her Condition Was Getting Worse…

    Nita's parents claimed that the girl's condition only kept getting worse. She had been suffering from seizures, headaches and weakness for over two years now. Over a period of time, she also began experiencing paralysis down the right-hand side of her body.

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    Her Parents Consulted The Neurosurgeons

    The worried parents of Nita consulted a neurosurgeon to check on her condition, as she was not even able to feed herself or hold a glass of water. The worst they could think of was a migraine, but they got a shock of their lives when the doctor revealed something more serious!

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    On Examination, It Was Revealed

    When the neurosurgeons examined her and got an MRI scan, they found out that the girl had a tapeworm cyst in her head and this was half the size of her brain!


    The Cyst Weighed!

    The doctors revealed that the cyst found on Nita's brain was said to have weighed a whopping 675 grams and it measured 12.2 cm x 11 cm x 9.8 cm in size!

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    She Was Diagnosed At The Right Time!

    The doctors revealed that the little girl's condition had got so worse that the cyst had outgrown in size and there were many possibilities of the cyst breaking into her head, which could even kill her almost instantly. However, with the diagnosis done at the right time, the neurosurgeons were successful enough of bringing her out of danger after the surgery.

    We're glad that Nita's condition has improved after the surgery and she's on the road to recovery. We wish the little girl all the luck and happiness.

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