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Real-Life Story: Girl Convinced Her 20 Boyfriends To Buy Her An iPhone And This Is What Happened!

One of the world's most-hyped phones is an iPhone and people go to any extent to buy it. Since the brand of this phone is known for its costly products, people still go nuts over possessing one.

Here is the case of a woman who was not only smart enough to manage 20 boyfriends at the same time, but also convince them each to buy an iPhone for her.

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The actual motive behind her was to sell them all and make a home for herself! Check out this bizarre incident that happened in China!


A Blogger Revealed The Entire Event On Social Media

An active blogger in China named "Proud Qiaoba," revealed the story of her close friend who was successful in coaxing over 20 men to buy her the latest iPhone and she sold them all before buying a house for herself!

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About The Girl Who Conned The Men

"Proud Qiaoba," who definitely uses a pseudo name, insisted that her friend who conned men was named as "Xiaoli", had cheated all the 20 men in the town. She claimed that Xiaoli comes from a middle class family, as her dad was a migrant worker and mum was a housewife. She was said to be the hard worker of the family.


She Wanted To Buy A House…

Apparently, 'Xiaoli' wanted to buy a house for her aged parents and even secure her future and hence she turned into a con! Alas, she did succeed, as she got her dream house!


She Convinced All The Men…

She was surely smart enough to convince all the 20 boyfriends of hers who eventually bought her the mobile phone and as a result, she sold all the 20 gifted phones to a firm and got the money.


The Firm Confirmed About The Sale

The representatives of the firm to which the woman sold all the phones gave the confirmation that the firm did acquire 20 phones from a woman customer for a pretty decent amount.


The Media Went Berserk!

Once the representatives confirmed about the sale, people on the internet went crazy and in no time "20 mobiles for a house" started trending on Twitter and other social media portals.


Currently, She Lives In The House!

Since the time the news spread like a wildfire, we bet the men found out about getting cheated and seems like she was not approached by any of them, and as a result, she got to keep the house!

What's your take on this story? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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